To ~ The Book of Sara

In Marilyn Manson’s I Want To Disappear, he sings “I’m a million different things, not one you know.”  For a long time, I kept held back on fully expressing myself.  Now, it is my time to share all my million different things.  Welcome to The Book Of Sara, where you will see me for all that I am.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing.  I wrote in journals, in forms of poetry, and created role-playing stories with friends in school.  In major times of angst and depression, writing was my savior.  I like to say that writing isn’t just apart of my life, it is my life; it’s what I live through.

As my strongest form of communication and expression, I am glad to have finally found a place where my writing and I belong.  Here in this blog, I hope to share my poetry, personal story, and other interests with others.  I want to share what writing has done for me in my life, in hopes that doing so will do for others what it does for me.

Category Descriptions

Getting Personal ~ This category is dedicated to posts related to my personal life.  Here is where I’ll share stories about my experiences, family (including pets), other interests (ie  music); thoughts and feelings on my past, present, and hopeful future.

Poetry ~ Under this category is where I’ll be posting poems I have written, or are works of progress. Creating poetry has always been a strong passion and form of expression for me. Ever since I was a child, I found poetry to be a way for me to share the things I needed to say but couldn’t in any other way. Verbally explaining or expressing certain emotions has always proved difficult, except in form of writing, poetry being one of the strongest for me.

Reading Otaku ~  Anime and Manga have been apart of my life since childhood.  This category is where I’ll write about the different anime I’ve seen and want to explore,  what manga I want to read, manga reviews, and cosplay I’m interested in doing or am working on.  Even though I’ve collected manga and watched anime for, what feels like a mass majority of life,  this is will be the first time I’ve shared posts about this topic.