My Brief Anime History

In my Formal Introduction I stated that I discovered anime around eleven or twelve.  There’s a possibility that I was a little younger than that, but I don’t exactly remember.  What I do remember is watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with my brother and sister in elementary school. I believe I was in the fourth grade when I started watching it, or at least that’s as far back as my memory of it goes.

The three of us would wake up at midnight to catch the show on Toonami.  I believe we either set alarms or one of us would wake up first, then stir the others, but regardless we’d all end up in the living room together watching the epicness that would take place in the episode airing.  I also recall doing something similar when we started watching Cowboy Bebop, but I recall seeing that one specifically with my brother.

From there, I continued watching anime with friends or even my step siblings (I didn’t mention that I have step siblings in my introduction, but I do have them).  My love for it grew and grew as I enjoyed anime such as Outlaw Star, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Yuyu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, and yes, even Pokemon.

I don’t remember exactly what age I started reading manga at, but once I started that, it became my main fix.  Manga at the time was cheaper and easier for me to collect, so I collected as much of it as I could.  The first series I started collecting was Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki.  I fell in love with its story and artwork, some of it still being some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen.  My collection grew as I got my hands on things like Because I’m a Goddess, Princess Ai, D.N. Angel, Loveless, Fairy Cube, Absolute Boyfriend, After School Nightmare, and (more recently) Judge and Corpse Party.  I haven’t finished collected all of these necessarily, but the majority of what I have in my collection is completed, which I’m pretty proud of.

As I got older, my love for the darker side of anime got stronger and stronger.  The first time I saw Tokyo Ghoul I fell in love.  That became a quick favorite of mine, for reasons I may write about later. I also highly enjoyed shows such as Hellsing, Blood C, Shiki, Parasyte, Another, Future Diary, and (currently) Monster.  At this point in my otaku life, I’m enjoying gory and psychological thriller types of anime/manga to be more and more.

Recently, I got the inspiration to write about the different manga and anime series that I’ve seen or read.  Part of this was sparked by watching YouTubers like Akidearest, Misty Chronexia and The Anime Man (links to their channels will be provided at the end).  The other part of this was sparked by the pure fact that I really love the otaku community and want to be more apart of it.  It’s been in my life for a long time, being something I grew up with, and I think it would be a fun topic to share and explore with others.  I’m much too big of a chicken to ever do YouTube confidently (too much ‘stage fright’), but writing is what I do, so here I am.

Anyway, a little while ago, I wrote my first manga review.  I will be proof reading it soon to post here.  Also, just for fun, I’ll be creating a list of things I’ve seen or read, am currently watching or reading, or that I’ve got on hold.  I also recently started attending local conventions and will be sharing my experiences of those soon too.  I’m excited to be continuing my otaku journey on my blog, and hope to make some fun connections with others by doing so.

©S.T. Feb. 8, 17

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