About The Author

In Marilyn Manson’s I Want To Disappear, he sings “I’m a million different things, not one you know.”  For a long time, I kept held back on fully expressing myself.  Now, it is my time to share all my million different things.  Welcome to The Book Of Sara, where you will see me for all that I am.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing.  I wrote in journals, in forms of poetry, and created role-playing stories with friends in school.  In major times of angst and depression, writing was my savior.  Writing isn’t just apart of my life, it is my life; it’s what I live through.

As my strongest form of communication and expression, I am glad to have finally found a place where my writing and I belong.  Here in this blog, I hope to share my poetry, personal story, and other interests.  I want to share what writing has done for me in my life, in hopes that doing so will do for others what it does for me.

My name is Sara, and I’m finally doing what is really me.

If You’re Expecting Something…

Writing has always been apart of my life.  It’s the shoulder I rest my head on; the thing I share my thoughts, feeling, decisions, and desires with; the creative outlet that helped me express myself; the personal journals I discovered myself in.  It grew up with me, and I with it.

I’m not exactly sure what people should expect from this blog.  My goal is to simply connect to readers on a deeper, more personal level.  I can only hope to achieve that by writing about what I’ve come to love, experience and learn.


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S.T. Jan. 28, 17