Coming Back

I didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus from posting.  The last couple of months were busy and, honestly, very emotional for me.  Taking a few months off from posting is not the greatest way to kick start my blog, but oh well.

Here’s the jist of what was going on with me:

  • Left a job I commuted to
  • Became a nanny for my nephew
  • Got my first visit from my mom and little sister in the first time since they moved
  • Lost money and gained some depression

Cool, right? (don’t answer that)

So now, I’m back!

All those things above are things I will (eventually) touch basis on, but that’s not where I want to start when it comes to posting again.  I thought about it, and I’m leaning towards writing about some topics that are going to be difficult for me to share, but that’s also why I want to share them.  Sometimes the hardest stories to share are the stories that should be shared.

Some of the topics I’m hoping to write about may include:

  • My stalker (who I have never written about in any capacity, except for in private journals)
  • My father (who is extremely difficult for me to write about, because I have never shared anything about my relationship with him on any blog I have ever had.  I don’t talk about him unless you know me personally)
  • School struggles, including when I used to hurt myself and fighting depression
  • Other multiple insecurities and difficult life decisions, like my boyfriend of two years going active in the military.

This is some serious and heavy stuff to get into, but I’m also looking forward to writing about some more light-hearted topics as well.  Such as…

  • My grandparent’s love story
  • Stories of things that shouldn’t have happened, but did (some super embarrassing stuff, I can assure you)
  • Concerts I’ve been to (I love music)
  • What inspired certain poems
  • And more! Hopefully

So tomorrow I’ll pick one of these random topics to write about and get to posting again.  I’ve really missed my blog.  I’ve been writing outside of it, but I’ve missed being here and I’m looking forward to being more active.

My blood is ink.  When I don’t circulate it with writing, it clots.  Imagine how clotted my blood must be after not actively writing for such a stupid amount of time.  I physically feel different when I’m not doing it, and I know it’s because I’m carrying all this stuff with me that I can’t seem to let go of in any other way.

©S.T. Jun. 4, 17